Zoom extents issue?

when I hit zoom extents, it takes me to nothingness. I have to use one of my scenes to get back in.what
House.skp (7.9 MB)

Upload your model so someone can have a look.

You have some stray geometry somewhere.

done. (post minimum 10)

Or possibly some text attached to geometry that has since been deleted and thus ‘moved’ the text to infinity.

I’ve not added any text, and had the issue since before I imported anything.

There is one text somewhere in your model, I can’t find it but it is the most likely cause.
Copy and paste into an empty model would probably fix it.

I’ll try that.
Blue wheel of death…
That fixed things, thanks Box.

When I open your model in SU2021, I get a report of half a dozen duplicate object IDs, fixed.

But Zoom Extents still misbehaves as you describe.

If I window select round your model and cut to clipboard, there’s nothing left to select with Select All. So not apparently stray geometry.

If I paste the clipboard into a new drawing, I lose the scenes, and it takes a long time to paste, but when finished, the model behaves correctly when I re-try Zoom Extents.

Try that, and set up your scenes again. Something in the model has got corrupted.

PS. @Box got there before me.

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Late to the party, but…

Yes, there was a text gone to infinity. It originally said “upstairs”. The bug that could cause this issue was fixed in (I think) SU2019, but this is a 2017 model.


Thanks guys.
I did try that John, couldn’t be bothered re-setting the scenes. Just using them as zoom extents, that works.