Zoom slows in simple model

intel 7th gen i5, on board graphix intel HD 620, track pad 2018 pro
Driver date 10/24/2016 Version
New problem. Zoom slows unexpectedly. Very simple model
If I hit the fit to screen, it speeds up again. then slows as I zoom in. This is really slowing my work process. Maybe driver issue? Between this and the Windows 10 fall creators update driver problems this is really getting on my nerves.

Any experience with this? Any solutions? Please be specific with graphics card and driver.

when zooming with the mouse place your select tool over some part of your model.that way you aren’t trying to zoom the universe

Thank you. This is not the problem. I am using the same techniques I have used with this version of the program for months. This just started today. Also, I am using a track pad, no mouse. I understand this is unusual, but I am very fast this way, and I can work on the couch :).

Each time I zoom it progressively gets slower and slower. I click the zoom extends tool, and it brings everything to screen size, and the zoom works at normal speed. In other cases it is working normally. If I switch tools, to orbit for example, then it is slow again. I will upload the model. But I just finished a hugely complicated model, and with textures, geo-location, 6 scenes, shadows, it was not performing this way.

If that’s a laptop you have there and you don’t have it plugged in already try using the power cable. It could be in power save mode if you are on battery power only, which will hinder performance. You can change settings to stop power saving on battery power also.

Just a thought.

Good thought, I have had that happen to me, but not the case this time. My laptop did update overnight. I have been spending what extra time I can trying to dive into what has changed. It may be something obvious, and I am just sensitive from the craziness caused by the last one. I am also quite aware that I am now forced to pair a graphics driver several editions old with an ever increasing update gap between windows and intel.

read here if you are not up on the problems the WinX fall creators update created:

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