Panning, rotating, and zooming keep slowing to a halt after a moment



Whenever I’m moving the POV around, pan, tilt, and zoom work fine, and Sketchup is running without any hiccups at 60fps the whole time. After a minute or so of moving around however, those three crawl to a halt. I can still draw, move, and alter contents and render almost instantly, but moving the view becomes almost impossible. I mash Ctrl and Shift in combinations sometimes it goes back to its normal movement speed, but most times I have to just save my work and restart SU.

How can I keep a consistent pan, tilt, and zoom speed?


This sounds like a graphics card issue


Take note that stuttering seems to be a common issue with this card’s driver.

Latest release driver:

I’d check the AMD forum for beta driver posts.


I figured it out. I have surfaces in the room layout I’m making, and when I’m trying to zoom in from the outside to the inside, I’m zooming into the surface; once I go through the surface, it moves normally. I just deleted all the surfaces and kept the wireframes and now it’s moving smoothly throughout.


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