Facing new issues can you please help me

See i’m facing this lag Issue. Even I’m running the program in Graphics card.

Your screen shot doesn’t really show anything useful. What model of AMD card? Have you tried updating the graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer?

see the views. when i tried to drag it won’t move perfectly.
All toolsbars are like this.

I’m uding AMD rx series.

i update all drivers and all are upto date upgrade.

Everything in the photo you posted looks normal, especially the toolbars.

This is the second thread you’ve started on this topic.

What you described in your previous thread and here are indicative of the graphics card or its drivers not being adequate for SketchUp. You could try turning on Use Fast Feedback in SketchUp’s Preferences>OpenGL. In your other thread you said this is on a new computer. Maybe you can return the computer and get one with a suitable graphics card.

Please see the views toolbar sir

That is indicative of a graphics issue as you’ve been told repeatedly.

I see the views toolbar in your screenshot, but from that one image it’s not clear what “lag” you are talking about. What exactly is the problem?

see the view bar . When i drag it showing double.
All toolbars are like this.
i Can’t work properly in Sketchup

You don’t seem to be getting it. Fix or replace your graphics card.

You’ve been told where the problem lies. There’s nothing more we can do for you based on cell phone pictures of your screen.

New Microsoft Word Document.pdf (184.9 KB)

Please check the issue

There’s nothing more for us to do. Deal with the hardware in your computer as you’ve been told.

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We are probably dealing here primarily with a language issue. Try this:
If “fast feedback” is already ticked, untick it.
Restart SketchUp

Why do you trial 2018? Maybe there have been some relevant updates in 2019 and 2020

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