Slow movement of selection tools

Hello everyone,

I’ve just started using the software and I’m having major problems with the slowness of the selection tool (see video).

Version 2023 Sketchup
Windows 11
GPU AMD 6800XT (all drivers are up to date)

Has anyone had this problem before? If so, how can I fix it?

Is this in SketchUp 2023 Pro or are you using the free web version as your profile implies?

What your video shows is a typical graphics card/graphics driver issue. Make sure that your AMD graphics drivers are up to date–don’t trust Windows to tell you. Go to the AMD site and get their latest drivers. Then make sure the AMD card is set up to display SketchUp.

free web version

I asked that question before you uploaded the video.

That’s not what your video shows.

You think it’s a graphical problem ? i update my drivers everytime it asked

We’ve seen it before and it’s always been a graphics issue.

ok but I’m on the latest version of my graphics driver (I manage with adrenalin)

I also play video games and I don’t have any problems with drivers or anything else, just with sketchup :/.

Ok but did you check directly with the AMD site? Did you make sure your AMD graphics card is being used to display SketchUp?

You still haven’t clarified what version of SketchUp you are really using. If you really are using SketchUp Pro did you install it correctly?

Different graphics pipeline.

yes i checked on the AMD site and it’s the latest driver.

my brother installed it for me, I don’t know much about it, it says sketchup pro on the top.

Ok i found the solution

On Adrenalin, vertical sync was activated for sketchup, I tried deactivating it and I no longer have the problem.

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Thank you for your help =)

Then it’s not the free web version as you wrote.

Please correct your forum profile.

So it was a graphics problem after all.

Did he buy you a subscription license, too?

Done, yes it was a graphical problem as you said

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