Zoom Extents Issue

Working on a model, clicked zoom extents and my model went out to infinity, showing just a piece of text.

I checked online forums and tried the hide / delete text and dimensions. I was then able to zoom back in to a point where my model is upside down but still far away. I noticed a bunch of random lines (hidden geometry?) away from my model, which I began removing by hiding layers and deleting the contents of those layers.

I’m now left with just my far away model, but if I try to zoom in, it disappears. Can anyone help?

Tried to upload the file, but it’s 170mb and stopping at 10% upload.

try using outliner, right click on a know group or component then choose zoom selection

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My god. Thank you so much.

There’s a ton of random stuff floating around… is this from badly made 3D warehouse items? How do I avoid this in the future?

Uploaded a screenshot for viz

If all the important stuff is in one location, Select All then deselect what you want to keep, and then hit Delete. But you might also want to do a purge. A file 170Mb in size is huge.

The downloads from the warehouse should be in a new model so you can preview the component prior to its final usage. At this point any changes and or cleanup can be done. When satisfied just use copy and paste to get the component where you want it.