Zombies and Other Entities

Hi there

I have never come across this problem before and have tried the solutions in previous posts to no avail. I imported 4 pdfs into AutoCAD and rescaled them. I have used explode, flatten and purge countless times in AutoCAD but every time I import into SketchUp I get an error message saying there are 31 “Zombies and Other Entities” and the lines come in terribly inaccurate. Its making it impossible to model off. I can of course export as images and redraw over them but just want to understand why this is happening and what I can do to avoid it.

I’ve tried exporting as a previous version, I’ve tried pulling it in to illustrator and exporting from there but I cant get rid of the zombies!


Museo D’Art Contemporia.dwg (680.7 KB)


don’t bother about the zombies, it’s just your hatches in autocad that are solids and sketchup can’t interpret them.
why do you say your lines are inaccurate ?

here is your dwg without the solids in 2010 version
Museo D’Art Contemporia 2010.dwg (1.1 MB)