Sweeped objects disappear after import from AutoCAD

Whenever I open my AutoCAD 3D model in Sketchup, sweeped objects disappear.
This is the dialogue box that appears when I import the file:

AutoCAD Entities Imported:

Layers:		18
Blocks:		1
Arcs:		35
Circles:		6
Inserts:		5
Lines:		324
2d Poly-lines:	25
3d Poly-lines:	4
Poly-Face Meshes:	180
Splines:		4

AutoCAD Entities Simplified:

AutoCAD Entities Ignored:

3d Solids:		50
Empty Blocks:	1
Zombies and Others: 112

What can I do to solve the issue?

Are you referring to the “AutoCAD Entities ignored” section?

SketchUp just doesn’t import all AutoCAD entities. See:

Even though the help page referred by Dave fails to mention the entity type at all. SketchUp can import some types of AutoCad 3D Solids but not all. Your sweeps are probably based on spline-type geometry (path or profile or both). SketchUp cannot import these “NURBS” surfaces or solids. Polyline-based solids import fine. Your best bet is to try to convert the solids into face-based mesh geometry within AutoCad (a somewhat messy process) or to export them into a face-based mesh format like STL that can be imported into SketchUp (with a free plugin).

I have said this before (@Barry ?) : The help page ( https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000165 ) DaveR links to is severely outdated, probably written when SketchUp was not even owned by Google yet. It refers to Autodesk products that were discontinued or renamed something like 10 years ago, and fails to mention several AutoCad entity types.

Bug reported. I’ll fire a nerf dart their way…

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