Import: Zombies and Others

When I import a .dwg file i get the following text:

AutoCAD Entities Ignored:
Zombies and Others: 1000

My model (playground) wil not show instead of a few lines.

What do I wrong or can somebody try it in his SketchUp. File: De Staart89.dwg - Google Drive

I think you are losing the solid hatch patterns on import. Not sure how to resolve that issue. Maybe try a different hatch pattern for each area or save the boundry for each hatch area.

Zombies are things that fall outside of the regular things. the importer gives you a list of lines, arcs, stuff like that, extra bits (such as bits made by a plugin in autocad) are in the zombies and other category.

As Anssi says in the link above, not all the things in this category are zombies, many could be “other”.