Z fighting


Hi. I was wondering whether anyone can help.

I notice the windows are z fighting in quite a few places. I have managed to correct some of them however most still remain. I cant seem to correct them and cannot also figure out why its doing it.

As my sketchup file is 70MB I have cut out the remainder of my model to leave just the window.Window.zip (1.2 MB)

Any advice?


You have faces on top of faces in a few places, so you need to delete them.


As @liamk887 observed, the z-fighting is because you have surfaces from different components or groups at identical locations in the model. You need to pay attention to this duplication when you nest instances inside a group or component because the nesting does not prevent z-fighting. Anywhere two surfaces are visible at the same location in the model will cause z-fighting regardless of model structure.

Edit: as a separate issue, you have the origins of your components very far from their content, which makes the model awkward to orbit and zoom. I’d recommend using the right-click “Change Axes” command to put the origin somewhere on the actual content.