Pixilated window


I’m trying to solve this issue where pixilated window opening is occurring.

I thought it was an AXIS issue, so I reset the access based on a nearby wall corner, but issue still exists.

Seems like something is out of square.

If so, is there a method to bring things back to square other than resetting AXIS?

I’m trying to create window manually as a popular window creation extension, called Windows Builder, kept crashing SketchUp.

Or if someone knows of another window creation extension?

I can provide file if needed to solve.

Thank you!

That is probably Z-fighting, You need to upload your model so we can have a look at what’s going on to be sure. Z-fighting is when you have two surfaces occupying the same position in space “overlapping” if you will. The open GL graphics pipeline cannot decide which to show you in front, so it shows them both simultaneously which produces a sort of shimmering effect. The solution is to move one surface so that the two do not occupy the same position. If you are trying to make a window you likely have your wall architecture encased in a group or component wrapper and have drawn the window on top of the wrapper. Double click on the wall or right click and choose edit before cutting the window geometry.

Just a very slightly educated guess from the image. Post your model file in a reply for a definitive answer.


Here is model file and new screen shot. I think part of the problem is that I did not group items correctly and this is causing confusing in the model - that is a poorly organized model from the start/complex model (for me) that is.

I group original items in my past yesterday and that seems to have solved the issue for that part, but I include a new screen shot with similar issue and model file.

16 Monte Site Plan 9:29:21.zip (9.8 MB)

Thanks for the help!


This is indeed Z-fighting. You have two surfaces trying to occupy the same space. One of the two surfaces needs to be deleted or moved. If the lower white wall needs to be in the same plane as the upper grey then the easiest thing here would be to erase the portion of the grey wall that is interfering. To do this I select and copy the top edge of the white wall, the I keep double clicking through your multiple nested groups of the grey wall until i get to the raw geometry. Not sure why you have that all grouped three times, does not seem to need it. Then I paste in place the edge I had copied and erase the lower portion of the wall. After closing the group from edit mode you can see that there is no z fighting as the grey wall now ends where the white begins.


It might be beneficial to study up a bit on groups and components and how they work to isolate geometry from interacting. If some of the terms I’m using don’t make sense just ask and I can explain. Here is another good place to start: