“You do not have access to sefaira at this time" Error 2023


I have recently downloaded sketch up 2023 free trial and am trying to run sefaira. I have downloaded the extension and have successfully been able to log into my account however the error “you do not have access to sefaira at this time” keeps occurring and I have tried everything to fix it. Could anyone please be of assistance.

Attached is an image of the error.


It isn’t included with the SketchUp trial.

Thanks for your response. So how can I get Sefaira trial?

There’s a form on https://www.sketchup.com/products/sefaira that you can fill in to contact sales and they can help you with a Sefaira trial.

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I completed the same form for Sefaira, we received a download link for SketchUp Pro. I also installed Sefaira.msi in the sketchup. However, upon installation, it indicates that I do not have access!

I am wondering if I should use my company email to log into Seaira plugin. If that’s the case, I will need to get in touch with my manager.
The company email is “admin@dslashagency.com
Should my manager reach out to you if I need to request a license for my email ?(maedeemadmoheet@gmail.com)

Generally it’s best to use a company login but note that you’ll need to use the same login for both Sketchup and Sefaira as it goes through the Trimble ID system.

If you fill the web form in somebody from sales will be in touch and they can give you further guidance.

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Thaks Daniel,
this is the screenshot for Extension manager. I logged in to Sefaira (as it shows above), But it does not show here! What else should I do?

additionally, I did not received an email [from noreply_identity@mail.trimblepaas.com] when I started my Trial

Besides the Update bottoms of the extensions are OFF. That means there is no need to update

The extension install looks good, you should get some info from the sales team about next steps, please check your spam folders etc.

I didn’t get any email from the sales center. How do I request to send email again?

Hi Dan,

My problem persists!

I logged in with the company account, but I still do not have access to the Sefaira plugin trial!

I’ve highlighted your post internally in case you haven’t heard from anybody today.