I can't activate Sefaira test!


I already have a license for Sketchup Pro and I want to try Sketchup Studio, particularly Sefaira.
I installed the plugin. I open Sketchup and it works normally.
When I want to connect I receve this message :
Trial users - your trial may need to be activated. Do this by opening SketchUp.

When I go to my Trimble account Sketchup Studio is activated (Sketchup pro too).
So everything seems to be all right but… I can’t try sefaira !
How can I solve this problem ?


Hi Marie,

I believe what is happening is that you have not installed SketchUp 2020 yet >> Only after installing and signing in will the Sefaira plugin get activated. Can you confirm that you have installed SketchUp 2020 and signed into your Trimble ID already?

Thanks for your answer.
I have already done this…

Oops. Yeah sorry I missed your message where it says that you have already installed SU 2020 and signed in.

Could you share a screenshot of what you see when you open the Sefaira plugin and try to sign in?

I see this message.
I can see the Sefaira Menu when I click to one object. But nothing happens.

What subscription do you have (educational) Studio or Pro?

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Hi @marie-camille thanks for sharing that information.

Those two messages however are conflicting because if you see the “you do not have access to Sefaira at this time” message, you shuold not be able to see the Sefaira menu in the plugin…you should not be able to login to begin with.

Could you:

  1. Share a screenshot of the Sefaira menu that you see?
  2. And please share you login email with me via direct message so I can check to see your access on my end.

Dear Niraj,
I have the same problem. I have just uploaded the trail version of SketchUp 2021 for 30days. I see the Sefaira in the extensions inside Sketchup but when I click it tells me that: You do not have access to Sefaira at this time.
Can you please help me with that ?

Hi @ZeynepTulu,

Thanks for reaching out. As of yesterday, the new SketchUp Studio release, Sefaira is stand alone and not a part of the SketchUp Studio package (it is included in the Studio EDU however) and any trial of Sefaira needs to be set up by our Sales team moving forward.

If you could let me know what firm/company you work for then I can get you connected with the right folks here.

Thank you for the quick answer. We are a start-up based in France. Should I get in contact with the sales department ?

Thanks for letting me know @ZeynepTulu. Yeah let me DM you our EMEA contact who can get you started on a trial.

hi @niraj.poudel , can you please assist me too? I have the similar issue as above.

Hi @cdab1995001

There are two issues going on above. Could you elaborate a bit further so I can point you in the right direction.

hello @niraj.poudel I have just installed the trial version of SketchUp 2021 for 30days and could see Sefaira in the extension inside Sketchup but when I click it tells me that: You do not have access to Sefaira at this time.

Hi @la_arch,

Thanks for reaching out. Sefaira trials are now independent of the SketchUp Studio trials and can be requested through here.

Filling out the form will send your request to the right salesperson from your region to get you set up for the trial.

Hi @cdab1995001 ,

If your request pertains to starting a Sefaira trial then please fill out the form here so that the right salesperson from your region can get you set up for the trial.

@niraj.poudel thank you for the reply. The link to fill in the form for Sefaira’s trial through a salesperson has a section which requires entering the license 's number. Therefore, I am using a Sketchup trial and a license isnt given for that case. If you have any suggestions on how to activate Sefaira through the Sketchup trial , that would be great!

Hi @la_arch,

I do not see where the license number is required?

Are you seeing this form as well?


yes, this is the section where the license number is required!