Sefaira "Couldn't Sign You In" in SketchUp


I just started to use the trial version to check out Sefaira but I couldn’t log in and keep getting this error message.

You did install it, all ready?
Here is some general troubleshooting:
Turn of computer.
Turn on computer.

Try repairing SketchUp app:

Logged in with normal user account, download installer file, right click on it and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

On the same download page which you probably have found in your AMP (Account Management Portal) under ‘Products-View Included Apps) there is also a Sefaira installer. Proceed the same, eg. rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

Turn of computer
Turn on computer
(Not kidding)

Set the standard browser to something else

Start SketchUp, and show the Sefaira tab via [menu]Extensions->Sefaira Plugin->Show Sefaira Plugin

Do you get other results, now?

To add to @MikeWayzovski 's recommendation - Try creating a TID instead of signing in using google. Since Sefaira, after the install, will show up as an “unsigned” extension >> the Trimble login will prevent any google login from not activating properly. Our dev team is aware of this issue but since this is happening on a case by case basis it is hard to reproduce on our end.

@vonne let us know what comes of it.

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Hey @MikeWayzovski & @niraj.poudel okay it worked after I reinstalled it, reset the password to my Trimble account and setting my default browser to IE! thanks!

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