Sefaira plugin doesn't work


I recently downloaded SketchUp Pro 2020 and a Sefaira plugin, in order to run some tests for the project I am working on in my class. About a year ago, I was using SketchUp Make 2017 which was the first time I ever used Sefaira, and had no issues at all. Two days ago I tried using it in the new version of SketchUp I have and when I go under the Extensions tab and “show Sefaira Plugin”, a window opens that has no options to write or click anything, but just says “Sing in to all things”.

I have tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it again, log in and out of my account, manage extensions, check for updates, and basically anything I could find online for help. I even downloaded SketchUp on another laptop, added the plugin and the same thing happens.

Thank you in advance for the help.


But do you sign in?

Yes, I do.

Did you install the new Sefaira plugin or just copied the files?
Try to repair things by clicking on the installer file of SketchUp and then rightclick and choose ‘Run as administrator’
Than install the Sefaira plugin by going into your AMP and ‘My Products’

Hi @mitraksa,

Can you download the registry file here >> close all instances of SketchUp >> double click and run the registry file >> Open SketchUp & Sefaira and see if that solves the issue for you?

Thank you!