Sefaira + SketchUp

I installed SketchUp Pro 2021 Trial version, I would like to try Sefaira but I got information “You do not have access to Sefaira at this time.”. I tried asking for licence for Sefaira by Contact Sales but I didn’t get response for a couple of days. How can I get Sefaira?

Thanks for writing. Sefaira is no longer available in the Studio trial. If you would like to try Sefaira, please make a request to sales via this link: Contact Sales | SketchUp Help

I made a request to sales a couple days ago, does it mean that if I have SketchUp trial, I won’t get Sefaira?

It could be that they haven’t gotten to your request because it was the weekend.

The processes are separate. The Sefaira trial is manually set up so it probably hasn’t gone through the system yet.

Ok, thank you. Is there any possibility to get to know how long usually does it take?

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Any luck?? I just submitted a request as well, as contemplating making the leap. Looking for price and trial. Any info help appreciated.

Hi SketchUpMe,
If you filled in the sales form you should get a chance to discuss pricing with someone as part of starting the trial.

Thanks, got it. You all should really share the price and more info online.