Sefaira + SketchUp

I installed SketchUp Pro 2021 Trial version, I would like to try Sefaira but I got information “You do not have access to Sefaira at this time.”. I tried asking for licence for Sefaira by Contact Sales but I didn’t get response for a couple of days. How can I get Sefaira?

Thanks for writing. Sefaira is no longer available in the Studio trial. If you would like to try Sefaira, please make a request to sales via this link: Contact Sales | SketchUp Help

I made a request to sales a couple days ago, does it mean that if I have SketchUp trial, I won’t get Sefaira?

It could be that they haven’t gotten to your request because it was the weekend.

The processes are separate. The Sefaira trial is manually set up so it probably hasn’t gone through the system yet.

Ok, thank you. Is there any possibility to get to know how long usually does it take?

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Any luck?? I just submitted a request as well, as contemplating making the leap. Looking for price and trial. Any info help appreciated.

Hi SketchUpMe,
If you filled in the sales form you should get a chance to discuss pricing with someone as part of starting the trial.

Thanks, got it. You all should really share the price and more info online.

I’m trying to figure out if Sefiara is still there or shutdown. I had filled the form and sent the request for quotation and online sales 2 weeks ago and last week too. I still haven’t received any reply or even an acknowledgement email for the request.
I’m currently clueless if I need wait for the reply or drop the idea as everything related to Sefiara seems abandoned online and this forum seems the only place where they reply.

There was an vacation season, but now they are back :slight_smile: Maybe @niraj.poudel can help you.

PS. I filled up contact form and got all information I need.


Hi @Mithun

Could you let me know the name of your firm, where it is located and the best way to contact you? I should be able to get you in touch with someone who can help you directly. You could let me know via email as well.

Thank you for your prompt response.
Sure do share your email address so that I can share my requirements and details with you.


Hi @Mithun,

Thanks for sending over the email with your information. I have forwarded it to the proper representative who will be reaching out to you shortly.

As for your question in regards to Sefaira with SketchUp vs Revit, I would say that Sefaira works best with SketchUp because the early stage model that you create will be a single plane model (single plane that represents a wall, a single plane that represents a roof etc) without thicknesses drawn in. SketchUp is very nimble when it comes to creating different massing options and this is where the information coming out of Sefaira is most valuable. You can however use Sefaira in Revit as well. However the assumption is that by the time your model ends up in Revit, you’ve made most of your design decisions (that might impact the performance of the project) already. I would start with Sefaira in SketchUp and then migrate to Sefaira in Revit if you still need to get energy and daylight analysis done at that stage in design.

Hope this helps.

Hi @niraj.poudel ,

Thankyou for sharing the information, i’m awaiting reply from Sefaira.


Hi @Mithun,

So sorry that you haven’t heard back from anyone on our team. I had forwarded your request to the proper representative on our end. Let me ping them again and see if they can reach out to you asap.

I’m certain now that my concern regarding Sefaira stands true, as its been more than a month since I raised my concern on this forum and there is still no reply from Sefaira team.
Truly very unprofessional and disappointing.

Best Regards.

Hi @Mithun,

I just heard from our rep in India and he mentioned that you guys have already spoken to each other and that you have some other product related questions. Do you want to DM me your questions so I can provide you with the relevant answers?

Kind regards,

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Hi, @niraj.poudel ,

Yes, I did get a call and I did have a word. But would like to mention that this call came after my last post about no reply since more than a month.

And yes, I still haven’t got a quotation yet, requesting what all are the plans and pricing. All I got to know from the call is that its a subscription based product and cost $2000/- annually.

If this was the only plan that Sefaira has to offer, then as a customer it would have saved me a lot of time if this was mentioned on the Sefaira web page / link rather than filling a form and raising a request for a quotation multiple times and not receiving a reply for more than a month.

Best Regards,

Hi Mithun,
Sorry you have not had a good experience here. We’ve been trying to learn from this experience and do a better job redirecting sales requests. In many regions, SketchUp is sold through partnerships but some of those partnerships are not familiar or used to selling Sefaira. This has been one of the reasons for delay in getting back to you.
Regarding the price, it sounds like the price is a non-starter for you. Was there a price you expected Sefaira to be?
best regards,