“You do not have access to sefaira at this time” Error


I have recently downloaded sketch up 2021 free trial and am trying to run sefaira. I have downloaded the extension and have successfully been able to log into my account however the error “you do not have access to sefaira at this time” keeps occurring and I have tried everything to fix it. Could anyone please be of assistance.

Attached is an image of the error.


The 30 day trial was changed a few weeks ago. It now includes V-Ray 5 and Scan Essentials. It doesn’t include Sefaira.

I believe there is a separate Sefaira trial now, but couldn’t easily find it. A different Olivia may know the answer to that. Or Niraj will.

@niraj.poudel @olivia_feng


Thank you for your help !! I have submitted the request form do you know how long exactly that’ll take. As this sefaira trial is urgent for a University assignment !!!


I feel sure it won’t be processed on a weekend, but many of the Sefaira team are in London. All being well you would see a reply during your Monday.