Xray in a part of a model

Is it possible to use x-ray on only one component in a model? I make models of woodworking projects and sometimes I would like to show the underside through the top.

Style settings like Xray affect the appearance of the entire model. You could apply a transparent material to the top to allow the undercarriage to show. Or if you are going to LayOut or making an image export, you can make two different viewports or images and combine them.

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Thanks I figured it workedvthat way.
Thank you for the quick response.

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FWIW, I was hunting up examples from things I’ve done. This is the first one I came across. In this case I made a hidden line export of the bed and laid it over an export of the drawer assembly.

Similar thing to show the vise hardware on this bench.

Transparent material on the platform and rails. Single image export.

A combination of things going on here.


Thank you

Hi, as always, Dave came through with an excellent answer.

If you are looking for another method, I have created an extension to create x-ray views of individual components and groups. There is one issue, in that, it has trouble with nested components but I am going to try and take care of that soon. Never-mind, I fixed it. I have updated the .rbz link below as well.

You can find it here: https://github.com/rkildare/Indiv_Xray/

Here is a direct link to the releases (PLEASE use the latest one. I try to actively maintain it.):

Another option is to use FredoGhost from Sketchucation.

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Beautiful set of drawings, Dave. How did you do the hatched shadows?

Thank you sir.

The hatched shadows are done by making a shadows-only export which got run through FotoSketcher. (although you could probably get a similar result in PhotoShop.) So this…

…becomes this

which then gets added to the stack of images in the image editor. In this case I darkened the shadows, too.


You can also stack a shadow viewport and a transparent white dot or line “mask” in LayOut

I’ve also set the paint transparency to 10 before

PhotoShop (or Paint or similar)