Changing the style of a single component

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to change the style of a single component, say, a house or a tree, without changing every component within the model. Is this possible?

Style settings apply to the entire model. You can’t apply a style to only one component and one scene at a time. If you are trying to make an image which shows different components with different styles, you can create several scenes each of which has a different style and a different set of components displayed and export images for each scene which can then be easily assembled in an image editor.

At the moment, no.It would be a nice feature, though

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What about changing the opacity of a single object/component?

You can apply a material to the single component and adjust its opacity. That’s a material setting.

Or you could export an image with the face style set to Xray and combine images as I described above.

oh right… ha! I knew that… Sometimes I get so deep into trying to figure something out that I forget other simple things. :laughing:

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Quick and sloppy using Xray

Very nice! Impressive

I’m using the Xray style too but can’t figure out how to make some surfaces solid with others more transparent like you did above. How did you do that?

To get this effect, I would make two scenes, one with the items of style 1 visible and another with style 2 and items to show that visible, and then overlay the scenes in LayOut. Possibly that is what Dave did too.

He put those images together by exporting them and overlaying them in a separate program. X-ray style will render everything in a model transparent, you can’t turn it on/off for some parts only.

Your option from within sketchup would be to paint some parts with a transparent color, the transparency slider is at the bottom of the color picker. Pick a color, use the slider to select % of opacity, then paint a surface.

okay, that’s what I thought - makes sense. Any suggestions on separate programs as you mentioned?

What @endlessfix said. I turned off the layers for the parts I didn’t want to show as Xray and made an image export showing just the head stock. Then I reversed the layer visibility and turned off Xray.

I use PaintDotNet but that’s a Windows only program.

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