Mixing styles in model


Is it possible to have different styles in one model?

I would like to have some components shaded with textures and others monocrome


You can’t apply more than one face style at a time but there are a couple of options to do what you want. The first, as in the picture would be to only apply materials to those surfaces that you want textured. Leave the others with the default material.
Workbench Trimming

Alternatively, you can combine separate image exports as in the next image.
Ladder Back 3Degree


It is possible to have different styles in one model. I offered the following response to a similar question in an earlier post over this past summer. Blueprint Style in Layout

The style of a model should be defined in one of your SketchUp scenes which can then be exported into a Layout file. Your model can have various styles portrayed and each of these can be shown in the scenes that you place into Layout.

In SU, go to Windows->Styles; then in the Styles dialog box that appears, click on “Assorted Styles” just below the “Select-Edit-Mix” tabs and then select the Blueprint style in the box as shown. Once the style is identified in a specific SU scene, save the model and then export the scenes you want to see to Layout. Your Layout window will be set accordingly.


This works fine for the pro users. the methods I describe work for both pro users and well as those using SketchUp Make.