2 styles in 1 scene


I wanted to use 2 different styles in the same scene. I would like part of my drawing to be in a different style from the rest. can that be done.
In this case I have the as built plans of a house. Some of the house is accurately measured and shown in the drawing. some parts are only approximate and it would be wrong to show them in the drawing as thought they were accurate. I wanted to show those parts in a “Sketchy” style which would indicate that the dimensions are only approximate.
Any ideas would be appreciated.


You can find a similar discussion here:


Hey Huck, quick answer, no. Only 1 style per scene.

Long answer, is that this is a job for Layout. You can copy the scene in SketchUp, then apply a different style to the 2nd one, and update the new scene. If you need to hide some things in a scene, you can have them on layers that are hidden in a scene. In the other scene that layer which was hidden is set visible, and another layer is hidden. Again update scene after changing layer settings for each scene.
Then in Layout you can overlay the viewports for the two scenes.


Example, here two viewports from SketchUp scenes with the same camera position are overlaid in Layout. The bottom has a full section, and is in a sketchy style. The other (non-sectioned scene) is a plain work style with shading on.


What Cotty said.


Thanks. The discussion in the link says:

“You could remove textures/colors from the cars and other stuff you don’t want to highlight but that’s about it.”

How do you remove textures/colors from a few items in a scene?


Here is an old example I once posted, with one house in a row displayed in a hidden line style.



Repaint them with either your default front face color (if it is white) or repaint with white. Or you might use a light gray or something.