Adding styles in layout to a Sketchup Pro drawing

Hi All
I’ve been using Sketchup make now for around 3 years. I’m now trying out Sketchup Pro and layout.
Is it possible to draw in Pro, send to Layout then add styles within layout.
I cannot find a way of doing this as the whole drawing gets selected instead of individual parts.
Any help would be great.


You can select a different style for a viewport via the SketchUp Model inspector panel. The styles you can select come from SketchUp and, as in SketchUp, you can only select one style per scene/viewport. You can use different styles for different parts of the model by stacking viewports. You can easily stack copies of the same viewport with Copy and Paste but make sure you put each viewport on its own layer so you can access the lower ones in the stack without moving the upper ones. If certain objects should be shown differently, use tag visibility control in the SketchUp Model panel to control which objects are shown in each viewport.

Here’s a simple example.

One scene in the SketchUp model showing both pieces of furniture as at the top.

Two viewports stacked, at the bottom. One with one of my sketchy line styles applied to it while the other uses the default style from the scene. Both viewports could use different styles. I accessed the sketchy line style through the Styles section of the SketchUp Model panel in LO.

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