Multiple "Style" applications?


Hi Guys,

Is there a way to apply multiple styles to the same model? For instance, in a recent kitchen design, I wanted to show the edges of the cabinets as lines, including profiles (style one). But the countertop has a “crescent” edge detail, that I would like to show as a softer edge, deleting edges and profiles (style two).

Any help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately, style settings apply always to your whole scene. If you use LayOut, you can try creating dipperent versions of the same scene with different style settings and different objects showing, and then overlaying these on the LayOut page.



You can make different Scenes.
Each Scene tab can have the same view but a different Style saved with it.
Make the parts which you’d like to be displayed differently into separate Groups.
Assign these to their own Layers to control their visibility independently.
Save each Scene tab with just the objects visible you want.
The Scene for the foremost part should probably have a white background - so it can be made a transparent alpha layer later…
Export the Scenes as separate PNG files.
In an image-editor like Gimp overlay them…


Thanks for the ideas! Sort of thought overlaying was where I would be headed.

Might not be possible, but it would simplify this if I could assign a style to a specific group or component within a model. Or even to a specific layer.