Styles Questions


I’m hoping that someone can help me better understand “Style”. I seem to have a mental block when it comes to using them. I’ve found several videos that are helpful but lack the very basics. They talk about all the great and wonderful things you can do with Styles but they don’t provide a list of what is available in any detail. Nor do they give a step by step “how to implement” the Style you wantI want to basic lines that are crisp and clear with no extensions or waviness. I’m trying to do house plans. I can get the info on the paper but can’t make it look exactly like I want it to look. I’m sure that I’m just missing some basic point to get where I want to be. Any help or thoughts?


Start here: User’s Guide
Expand "Model settings and managers"
Scroll down to “Styles Browser

Read all sections under that. (I open them in a new tab, so as not to lose the list.)


Thank you very much for your response. It was indeed helpful. If I create more than one Style can I switch back and forth? Can I create a Scene that uses one Style then a second Scene that uses another without losing the first? I guess I’m asking if I can switch from one to another Style without losing what I have created.


Yes you can. Just look out that you make a new style when you change something and not override the other one. When you have 2 (or more) styles, select the style you want to use and update the scene which you like to attach the style to. You can do this by right click on the scene name and choose update. Now the style is saved in the scene. Do the same for the other style on the other scene.


Again, thank you for your help. I should have read the User’s Guide a bit more thoroughly before asking my second question. I think I found the answer. Now I need to practice a bit.


Also very helpful. Thank you, sir.