Saving different types of scenes

I am working on a landscape drawing and have saved 4 different scenes, and re-named them. I would like to change the styles in two of them, which I know to go to windows, than styles. For some reason, I cannot seem to save the diffent scenes, they revert back to what I started with. Once I get these diffent styles saved, I than want to import them to layout, so I can show the 4 different views with 2 different styles. I have created a cover page, with 10 different inside pages, so when I go to lets say, inside page 4, I go to insert, and I can insert my first scene, I than click on move and ctrl to add where I want my next 3 screnes, and than add my scenes. How do I re-size these views? If I click on the diagonal and drag, it crops, but I want to actually resize each one of my views. Sorry for all of the questions in one post.Thank you.

Well if I understood correctly

  • Once you are in the correct scene with the correct style you want, Right click over that scene tab (should be the blue one) and press update and save as new style.
  • if you do that with all the scenes you want to change and save the model, the first step should be done!

Now in Layout,

  • Select the model(1 click) once is selected, right click to choose the scene you want to display. Copy and paste or Ctrl+ that model in the new page/position and change it to the scene again
    Let me know how didi it go.


thank you, I did get it to work. It took some time once I got it into to layout mode. So, I went with the default style > construction document style so I had a white back ground when I saved my styles to different scenes in sketch up 14. Now, when I went into layout, and clicked on insert, all seemed to go well. I know when I have done this before, and had different styles, such as default > simple style, I get the green background and blue sky that is pasted onto the layout sheet. or, any other style that may have a background, such as blueprint. Not real crazy about this look, even though I do like many of the other sketchy scenes. Thanks for you help.