Making a single object with default color transparent

Im trying to make a single object, the gear housing of my project, transparent without effecting the other groups or components. It is a unique component. When i go inside the component, and then to materials, the opacity option for the object is all greyed out. I cant control it.

im trying to make a single object be in xray style


You can’t make the default material transparent. Give the faces in the object a unique material and make that transparent. It can be the same color as you use elsewhere but it needs to be unique.

Ok, i tried that out, it works, but not the effect i was hoping for haha.

Is it possible to make a single component have xray view on while leave others in the other style and then show that in layout? I want the gearbox housing to be xray, but the gears and shafts to be the style i have selected


Not natively. FredoGhost from Sketchucation could do that.

Ok, ill take a peek at that. Its either that plugin or take screen shots of it and put those in layout…


Maybe a translucent part showing internal pieces. See this SU file.

Translucent box showing internal cylinder.skp (93.3 KB)

No plugin required for this simple trick.

I don’t understand why you can’t get what you want by giving the one object a transparent material.

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Yes this is possible in Layout. This would be done with two different scenes in SU with different tags visible and different styles applied to each. Then in Layout you stack the two viewports on top of each other. Search the forum for layout and stacking for more info.

But I agree with Dave that you can most likely get the look you are after in SU with a grey transparent material applied to the one component you want to see through.

Because when i do it, it only makes the outside face opaque. I made sure all faces were painted and selected, but just makes outer face opaque and looks bad

I assume you mean transparent when you say opaque, but maybe not.

Any material can be edited to be transparent or a different colour.

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Yeah, when i slide the opacity bar down, it only does the face opacity of the gear box. So it shows the inside of the box rather than what yours does

As long as all faces of the component are painted with the same material, editing that materials opacity in the materials pallet should adjust every instance of that material anywhere in the model. Is it possible you did not paint every face the same color?

I triple checked that. I made sure i was INSIDE the component and picked a color not close to the default to make sure all faces were paited and they were haha.

Hmmm… feel like sharing the pesky file? Or a screenshot of how it looks when it fails?

I had a thought… are the backsides of your object still painted an opaque material? There are materials on both front and back sides and if only the front is transparent then you will see inside the object but not see through the object because the backsides of the far walls are still opaque.

yeah give me a minute, but here is what it does. i have a bronze color for the material
the iso scene is the one im editing

gear box shafts and gears.skp (6.5 MB)

yup, thats the exact process i did and it doesnt work haha

Except I see you are using the bronze material for other things and this method will make them all transparent. So first duplicate the bronze and apply the new unique bronze to the housing then adjust.

Huh, weird that it does now work for you. Could we be hitting a graphics card issue? Seems like it would have manifested in other ways already.

maybe a graphics issue but i have a pretty good card… made sure to use a material i have not used yet

it is set to faster in my file