Default Material Not Working

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me why my default material is acting like Translucent Glass Gray? I was working on this model yesterday with no issues but now all of the default material areas are opaque. I’ve tried messing with the Material Transparency but can’t seem to get it back to normal.

Baker 35x42 Material Error.skp (10.1 MB)

Show a screen shot of what you are seeing. I’m looking at your model but don’t see any places where the default material appears transparent.

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Do you have X-ray or Backedges turned on?

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Hmm, it seems to only be doing it on the 6/12 Gable Wall component.


Edit: I was just writing about that when your reply came.
Going through your model I do see some weird material usage. For example on the Gable Wall you’ve applied the glass material to the component container but you’ve applied the Shingles to some of the faces inside. If you were to replace the shingle texture with the Default material, the gray glass would be displayed on the whole gable wall.

Remove the gray glass material from the component and paint the faces correctly. Then you won’t have this problem.

Keep in mind that materials applied to component and group containers override the default material. Materials applied to faces within the component or group override both materials applied to the containers as well as the default material.

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Ahhhh, okay. I figured it was probably something that I was misunderstanding or doing wrong but that makes sense that I may have applied the glass to the entire component thinking I was inside it. And I just realized I can see what Material is applied to the container. I’ll give that a try and let you know.

That fixed it, thanks!

You’re welcome.

By the way, in most cases it’s best to ensure you are applying materials to the faces instead of the component or group containers.

That makes sense, I’ll keep an eye on that in the future.

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