X-ray effect in LayOut


Can anyone direct me to a thread or resource (or give insight) on how to produce an X-ray effect in LayOut?

In SketchUp, [ Face style > X-ray + Hidden line ] and [ Edge style > Edges + Profiles ] looks perfect for my intention.

I have scenes set up accordingly, but when they’re called in LayOut, this transparency is lost. Wireframe works, but it’s quite busy and doesn’t communicate depth. I’m tempted to screen-capture png images of SketchUp scenes and import them into LayOut, but that sounds ridiculous and might not print at a reasonable quality.


  1. In SketchUp, when you have turned X-ray on, update your style (or switch to the preconfigured x-ray style)
  2. Save your view as a scene.
  3. Save the Sketchup file
  4. Send to LayOut
  5. In LayOut, set your Sketchup viewport to reference the scene you created in Sketchup.

And note that X-ray is a raster effect so it does not work in a LayOut viewport that uses Vector rendering, so you should use Raster. On my screen, even the Hybrid option didn’t look quite right (it eliminates edges and profiles from the raster image)


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Ahhh, yep, just had to switch to Raster. I was vector rendering the plan views.

Thanks Anssi !!