Are there a way to apply x-ray mode only in some objects?

Would be very handy since I have to modificate these plants and etc but I cant hide the light planes that are iluminating it because I need to see how its going to be with the light effets…but those planes are making it dificult to modify

No, there is no way.

how would you work on this example?

I’d give those rectangles a tag and turn it off while working on the rest of the model.

As I have so many tags it takes time to find it on menu…a smart way would be a x-ray in chosen objects or a shortcut for a specific tag

Even in X-ray the objects would get in the way.

You could try Fredo6’s FredoGhost.

the point is that I need those rectangles on to light up my model as I see it in the Enscape rendering window

Set up a rendering scene with the tag for those objects turned on and another scene for editing with the tag turned off.

the rendering enscape window takes time to upload when you change scenes. its a real time renderer

You should have your model complete before you even start the render.

nope. Since is a real time renderer. We use enscape in another screen and we modify the file looking at it so we have a much better view of how is getting and what to modify

Well, it’s your call.

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One way you can achieve this is to save the light component to its own skp file
open the file and hide the face and edges.

replace the old enscape light with the one you’ve just modified.

Invisible light in SketchUp.

You can find it again if you turn on hidden geometry

however if you edit in this file (by double clicking or right clicking and choosing edit), enscape will rebuild the geometry again.

thank you very much Adam