Is it possible to view separate tags or components in X-ray?

Is there a way to view certain things in X-ray mode instead of it being just a way of viewing the whole model? I’d like to show some trees in front of a building (3D trees) and have them be translucent so the building shows through somewhat. Thanks!

Change Opacity for material(s) of the tree

Thanks for the help, mihai.s, I appreciate the time you put into it!

The trees I’d like to use are 3D, so it’s a bit tedious to change the transparency of the materials that make them up. I should’ve been more precise in my question, I guess.

Your solution is an option, but I’d still like to know if there are other possibilities.

And because there’s almost always another way to do things in SketchUp, you could use FredoGhost.

Thanks! That’s pretty much what I’m looking for.