XML (XSD) from scratch for classifications

Hi, is a tutorial available on creating a basic and customized XML (XSD) schema from scratch and importing it into SketchUp?

Check this thread:

And this one:

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your response. I’ve developed a classification by duplicating and modifying the IFC4 XML (XSD) file. In addition, I examined and contrasted the attributes of dynamic components with the classification type using the 3D viewer in Trimble Connect after the model was published. The attributes of the dynamic components are displayed effectively, except for the units. Notably, if the attributes were originally set in metric units (consistent with the project template), the software converts them to inches during the publishing process. Furthermore, while the classification type itself is published, unfortunately, none of the underlying attributes of this classification are displayed. Have you faced this issue before?

I think the importer of .skp for Trimble Connect only adds the toplevel ifc classification to the viewer.
Not the adjusted or edited attributes.
I played around to see if it shows up in LayOut (it does)
For the Trimble Connect viewer of .skp files, it adds properties and attributes for the libraries, though, luke Dynamic Components or any libraries that are added by extensions like Profile Builder.

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