"x" in filter window for Outliner

If one looks at the filter results widow in the Tags tray at the right side, there is an “X” to cancel the search. It would be a great addition to the filter results window for Outliner.


A view of the Outliner filter results window: ( no easy way to cancel the search, except backspace)


Is this a windows thing? :wink:

quid pro quo, you get your X in outliner, we get the tag-creation back in the entity info panel :slight_smile:


Yes it may be a Windows thing :wink:

On Mac I get the X in the Outliner.

However, a triple click to select all the text followed by a press of the Delete key does the job.

@MikeWayzovski LOL … thanks for the nudge. :slight_smile:


I am confused. I am a windows user…you say I can create tags in the entity info panel? If so, would somebody please tell me how? As far as I know, the only place I can create a new tag or tag folder is in the tag panel.

In short, on Mac in previous versions, one could just simply start typing in the entity panel. When the typed Tag didn’t exist, it would be created.
The last update took that away.

There was a caveat, though, one could end up with tags named ‘m’ or ‘r’ if you did not set the focus outside the panel with a click.

I can see where that would be convenient.

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