Hierarchical Tree vs Filter Tree in Tags

Hi There,

I’m working on a house framing model that has many duplicate and similar components spread out across the house. I am using outliner to nest the groups and components into a typical tree made up of floors, rooms, walls, parts, joineries.

But now i am pondering an idea that i would like some input on. This idea seems very interesting but i don’t know if its just wishful thinking or right on the money. The idea has to do with creating a filter tree with tags. A filter tree, if that is what its called, is like how websites have a list of options for their products where you can select one or more option from each category to hone in on the final filtered product list. In sketchup with the house framing system it would be like the following.

Note: Upper case is a folder while lower case is a tag. Member would be like a piece of wood while fastener is the screw.

The idea here is that because the scene is already nested into the floor, room, wall, part, and joinery structure in outliner, then i can create this filter tree in tags and be able to easily see the house in different ways than i would with outliner.

For instance, if i wanted to see nothing but the members of the entire house without the fasteners then i can do it in tags with 1 mouse click if all the tags are already checked. Whereas with outliner it would take a long time and would be tedious.

Also, the list of items in tags is very small compared to the list in outliner. This would allow for easy navigation in tags when compared to outliner.

So that is my idea. Before building my entire house framing system on this structure in tags i was wondering if it makes sense or if its marching down the wrong track.

Thank you.

Get a subscription to the latest version of SketchUp. It has the capability to organize the tags/layers with folders. There will be no further updates to the 2017 version.

I am relatively new to SketchUp and I use SU Go. I recently got interested in learning more about Outliner and viewed the Square one video on Outliner and then one on Tags. I then practiced using a model I made of an English Tool Chest based upon a FWW magazine article that had a drawing but not a detailed model of the ETC. In Go I did not see a way to make folders in Outliner but I did in Tags and made the folders and filled in the nested components into a hierarchy. It made it easier to turn visibility on and off to view the inside parts of the tool chest. Based upon my rudimentary knowledge and what you are explaining, I think it work for you to build your hierarchy outline in Tag folders. Here’s the model of the tool chest.
English Tool Chest.skp (600.4 KB)