Tag vs Layers for Outliner Visibility

I’ve been using Sketchup for a few years, and only recently switched from 2019 to 2021 and am somewhat stuck in managing tags compared to how I used to manage layers and was wondering if its possible to affect visibility as it used to be?

My previous workflow for a building, I created nested groups and components, then assigned these to layers. When working on on individual component, it was easy to identify in outliner. Even more useful, if I wanted to work on a specific type of element, windows doors etc., I could turn off the other layers and I could focus on only those elements without exploding anything, and retaining a very simple comprehensible outliner (especially when a building has hundreds of windows of varying types on different levels and between different options). The ability of layers to completely hide rather than grey out elements was very helpful to me.

Am I right in thinking the only change to the new tags system is to grey out tagged elements instead of removing them from the outliner window entirely, and is there any way to change it back to the old system? Also, is there any benefit to the outliner visibility system? It appears to be just a different iteration of the hide/unhide version aimed at trying not to conflict with the new tags system. Would love to hear the thoughts of others, as unless I am missing something I found the old implementation significantly more efficient when working on large and complicated building files.

Edit - Also, clicking to rename instead of making the group active and having to click the little group/component indicator is slower, especially when trying to move groups and components into other groups or components. Is there a reason for this change.

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