Tag content is not hidden in the outliner

In Sketchup 2019 I loved this feature. When I hidden a layer, the content of the layer was also hidden in the outliner. Since Sketchup 2020, the “Tag” content has only been grayed out, but is still in the outliner list. In a complex sketchup model, the outliner list can quickly become confusing. does anyone know the problem? Is there perhaps an extension that integrates the function again? Is there in this forum maybe a sketchup developer who can explain to me why this function was removed? With Blender, for example, you can turn this function on and off.

I would guess that the reason for this is that now you can use the Outliner both to show and hide items.

Thanks for answering. But it doesen´t make any sense to me, because when i hide anything i don´t want to see it. not seeing something is for me the main reason for hiding
in a building i split up floors, walls, windows, doors and furniture and each area has its own tag. even if every group or component had its own name, it would still be gray in the outliner list. when i work on doors i don’t want to see any floors, windows or furniture.
if that sounds somehow uncomfortable, please excuse it, english is not my first language

You can type door in the filter box and everything else will vanish.

Thanks for answering. Yes, it could be a possibility, but not a solution for a fast workflow. And what to do if data is to be processed by customers who are not doing so well. For example, identical scenes once in 2021 and once in 2019. Look at the scralldown bar in the ouliner (in German Gliederung) in 2021