Outliner/Tags Interface

A video presented by Justin at SketchUp Essentials (using SU Pro 2018) shows him turning off a Layer (now Tag) whereupon the corresponding geometry in Outliner disappears. In the video notes: “One thing to note is that geometry that’s on a layer that’s turned off will not show up in the outliner until the layer is turned back on.”

When I turn off a Tag, those items are still in Outliner, just greyed out. I can’t figure out where the setting is. What am I missing?

SketchUp has changed since that video was released. Now the objects in Outliner remain visible and just grayed out when the tag that is on them has been turned off.

I was hoping there was a way to turn that functionality on and I just couldn’t find it. Oh, well.

Nope. Users complained about objects diappearing from Outliner when their tags were turned off so they changed it.

I understand how that feature could cause confusion, but I would like to see it return as an option. If not, then perhaps a ‘Do Not Expand’ option for individual Components, maybe right next to the ‘Lock’ icon. ‘Expand All’ is a rather blunt instrument.

Maybe post a feature request?