Tags not visible in new version Help?!

Hi, I’m new to this so I’m sure its probably an easily sorted issue (I hope!) but I have recently upgraded to 2021 version and all my tags have disappeared except one. I try to create a new one and as soon as I name it and click return it also disappears. I know they exist because when I assign an object in entity info all the options are there. As they are not visible in the tags section I can’t view or hide things as I normally would - any ideas, it’s driving me insane!!!
Thanks very much!

How are you trying to create the tags? Where are you typing the new name?

I think you are typing in Entity Info, to create a new tag. That ability was taken away from the Mac version. You have to create new tags in the Tags palette.

Hi Colin, thank you for your response. I am definitely typing in the tags palette. When I open a new document the tags palette automatically shows one Tag named “Floor”. I can add a new one which automatically comes up as “Floor 1” when I go to change the name and then click return it disappears like it is hidden. I know they exist because in Entity info I can see all the created tags and assign items to them accordingly but they don’t show in the Tags palette?!! Does that make sense?

You should show us a screenshot of what you are seeing.

However it sounds like you are creating Tags within a closed Tag Folder. Is there a small arrow type triangle next to the one tag you can see, does it click and expand to show you all the tags?

Here you can see that the tags exist (under the drop down menu in entity info) but they don’t show in the Tags Palette. There is no drop down arrow.

A Mac user may be able to see something.

The text in the search bar of the Tag panel functions as a filter, delete the text and all Tags should pop up.


You are a genius! THANK YOU

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Ha! I see what is wrong, and it would be the same on Windows, though the exact appearance may be different.

You have filtered the tags to only show the ones that include the text ‘Floor’.

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You get to have a genius moment , too😉