Wishlist: Entity Info->Tag->Scroll down and select. Can we make that drop down menu longer?

Topic pretty much says it all. This would be an easy fix, and it may only be an issue on the Mac. Though I’ve switched to using the Outliner to organize my models and have therefore reduced the number of Tags, I still need to move geometry/groups/components from one tag to another. When I go to Entity Info and select the Tags drop down menu, only six alphabetically adjacent tags become visible. Could the Sketchup team please make that list longer, perhaps 20 tags visible before I need to scroll. This is a small request for a small problem, so it ought to be easy to fix. It would, however, save a time and trouble, at least in my work-flow.

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Outliner has a search filter on top and although the entity panel doesn’t show a mitch or looking glas search icon, you can start typing to shorten the search list.
I believe that with the introduction of the Tag tool in the Tag-panel, the developers want you to change tags of entities in that panel.

In the example I started with, I’m trying to assign selected geometry/objects to a different Tag. I now use the Outliner for organizing the houses I design, so I no longer need Tags (Layers) for things like “House-Second Story” but I still use them for things like “Structure-TJIs” and “Structure-Concrete Slab.” I also sometimes want to assign actual edges and faces to Tags (an old, bad habit perhaps?).
The way to assign the object/geometry a new Tag is via the menu in the Entity Info palette, and expanding the list from 6 visible to tags to perhaps 20, perhaps all of them, would be a minor change that would take away a little bit of the fatigue from my work flow. In other words, not a big deal for me, but it would be delightful, and it’s probably an easy fix for the Sketchup Team and a change that presents no down-side to other users.

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Agree, I have 20-30 tags in most models. Would be great to have more efficient control over them, especially assigning them.

Also, the drop down should act like a proper drop down - if I start typing it should filter based on those first few letters, and it should never allow me to create new tags, that’s what the tag panel should be for.