Tag outliner drop down menu

Why does not the tag outliner drop-down appear for the selections dialog box?

Also, I am trying to apply a tag to the .jpg image. The tag I created for it is not available to apply in the dropdown.

I don’t understand your question. Outliner doesn’t show tags and isn’t supposed to. The dropdown list in Entity Info is only for assigning tags to selected objects. What are you expecting to have happen when you select the tag in the dropdown in Entity Info?

Ok. I mean the folder structure for the tags. This is what I termed as the outliner. I think Outliner only applies to groups. I create tags and structure them by folder. This does not appear when you want to select and apply the created tag.

Also, can I apply a tag to a .jpg image that I am using as a template to draw?

So you mean the Tags window or Tags panel?

Yes Outliner is a text representation of the objects (groups and components) and section planes in the model.

Yes. This is done in the Tags panel.

Do you mean the tag folders are not showing in the drop down list in Entity Info? That’s because you can give a tag folder to an object.

In SketchUp 2023 you can give a tag to an image directly. If I remember correctly, in SketchUp 2021 you need to first put the image into a group before you can assign it. Try it first without grouping to check if my memory is correct.

I don’t want to apply the folder, but the tag under the folder. I still need to see them organized under the folder name so as to distinguish it from other tags by the same name outside the folder.

Currently that’s not an option. You would need to use different names for the tags. Maybe that should be a feature request for a future version but you can expect it won’t happen in SketchUp 2021.

The image is already a grouped object. I can only explode it. It does not allow a means to apply a tag to it, grouped or not.

If, when you select it Entity Info shows it as a group you can tag it. If not, draw an edge segment or a circle or something to select with the image and make it a group. Then give that a tag.

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My mistake. on trying it allows me to tag an image. did not need to create a group.