Sketch Pro 2023 unable to assign to tags, tags also not showing in entity or drop down

I have created tags ready to assign parts of my model but the tags are not showing on the dropdown on ribbon. Plus no matter how I try to assign model to a tag, it just won’t allow any action.

I have opened an old model and that works fine. What am I missing??

I have been away from work for a year and come back to download the new version and finding it glitchy.

Can someone help please?

hmmm can you share your file please ? so we can poke around in it ?
(simply drag it here to the answer window, or through wetransfer…)

one thing comes to mind right now, are you sure you made tags and not tag folders ? since both buttons are right next to each other, it’s an easy mistake to do (been there) and tag folders, despite appearing in the tag panel, won’t show in the dropdown tag selection (because they are not tags)


Scala Showroom Base Plan.skp (230.6 KB)

Thank you for helping so quickly. After not using it for a year I feel like I’ve forgotten so much as well.

Exactly as @ateliernab said, they are Tag Folders not Tags.
GIF 11-02-2024 10-09-50 PM

Capture d’écran 2024-02-11 à 12.01.22

there are two buttons in the tag panel, top left.

the big (+) makes tags, the other one makes tag folders.
On a mac, they are still big and contrasted, on the PC version a little bit less so. Pretty sure we’ve all, at some point, clicked on the wrong one :slight_smile:

Omg, thank you! I didn’t even notice that they had little arrows on to define them as folders. I’ve never used folders before.

Happy Sunday :slight_smile:

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Big thanks too :slight_smile: