Tag selection

I have most of my tags and tag folders starting with a number and I sort them alphabetically, works nice. The issue I am having (which I am not sure is a bug or user error) is that when I change the tag of an item by selecting the tag from drop-down list in the entity box I start typing the tag name/number. Sometimes it jumps me down to where that tag is and then I can select the right one, but often it just gives the entity a tag without letting me select it first; like directly after I type the first character of the tag name it assigns the tag for me. So often this is a tag that is hidden so the entity goes away and I need to undo it to get it back.

The way this should work consistently is that when I select the drop-down list with tag names, I type the first character and it jumps me down to the first tag with that character, and if listed alphabetically I can more easily find the tag I want. Right now this only happens some of the time.

A known bug.

Have you tried minimizing the window and then enlarging it?

That doesn’t seem to help.

To further elaborate on the issue, it automatically assigns the first tag that starts with the corresponding character, so it jumps down the list to for instance “0” and assigns it the first tag that starts with “0” in the list and when I go ahead and select different one it doesn’t apply because the item was already tagged.

I may be confusing your problem with another one that I think only affects Mac users. But if not, it is a fault that occurs randomly. Does it always happen for you, even after closing down SU and re-opening it?

It is very random, sometimes it works with the same model open, and sometimes it doesn’t; so like all in the same session it will happen, not happen, happen, etc. I can’t reliably create the situation that causes it. Sometimes it automatically assigns the tag to the first tag with the character, sometimes it doesn’t and if I keep pressing that character key it cycles through all the tags of that character, which is what it should do.

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