Having some trouble using Tags

Hello! I am a SketchUp free online user with limited experience.
I’m having some trouble making objects that are tagged disappear using the show/hide feature. I can apply tags to anything I want but nothing happens when I hit the show/hide checkbox.

Can you share your .skp file so we can see what you have set up and give you help?

Bathroom Remodel.skp (13.4 MB)

I only see one tag in that file and it isn’t assigned to anything and can be purged. The object I’d expect that tag to be assigned to is untagged.

I assigned it to the curtain… what do you mean it’s untagged?

In the file you uploaded the curtain, shown selected is untagged. Meaning it has no tag assigned to it. Open the attached file. I’ve given the shower curtain group the Curtain tag.

Bathroom Remodel (1) purged.skp (12.9 MB)

By the way, it would be a good idea to purge unused components and then materials once in awhile.
Screenshot - 2_1_2022 , 2_55_52 PM

How did you go about assigning that tag to the curtain? Is it possible the file you shared is not the latest iteration?

Here is the file you shared in SketchUp Web. Entity Info initially shows the curtain is untagged. After giving it a tag visibility of the curtain can be controlled from the Tags panel.

Alternatively if you highlight the Curtain tag, you can click on the curtains to give them the tag.
tag alternate

How did you do that? When I try to do that, it doesn’t work… I used the select tool to click on the curtain and then I added a tag and renamed it curtain but It does not work… I made a screen recording: Dropbox - ef0f2376-b090-4c97-819c-54b5cf4ad0e4.mp4 - Simplify your life.

Simply creating the tag does not give it to the object even if the object is selected. Doesn’t make any difference what you call the tag. You either have to apply the tag to the selected object(s) in Entity Info as in my first GIF or select the created tag and apply it to the object by clicking on it, as in my second GIF.

Another example of the second method.

OHHHH, sorry I did not understand the first two gifs… your third one made more sense. thanks for the help… I will get the hang of this sooner or later.

They end up doing the same thing. Sometimes it’s easier to select a number of objects and give them tags in Entity Info.

Make sure you do not tag edges and faces such as your ungrouped walls and stuff.

how do I make a wall so that its tagged and I can just simply show/hide it for different views?

I would want the wall with the big window on it to be able to disappear.

First select all of the wall geometry and make a component or group. Then use one of the methods I showed for giving the component or group a tag.

You could split the walls into separate components/groups by selecting only parts of the geometry and creating the group or component. It would have been easier if you’d modeled the walls separately to start with. As you can see when you triple click on a wall with the Select tool, you have a lot of stuff all connected together.

Better process would be to make components or groups as you go along.

oh. why did I not think of that lol.

I should make every wall a component?

Might be easier at this point to start modeling the walls over. You could do it along side the existing walls and then copy the components you collected from the 3D Warehouse over to the new bathroom and delete the original.

You should make components of things you want to be able to handle as separate objects. So if you want to show or not show certain walls, separating them into components/groups is a way to accomplish that. You could also use section cuts to “remove” part of the walls. You’ve already got a bunch of section cuts. I just added another one.

Here I made a component of all of the loose geometry, opened it for editing and added a section cut.

Ok, that makes sense about the components and everything, I remember from the intro course but I didn’t think to make all the walls a component. I will do that from now on. Also, I will remake the walls into separate components and then add everything back into it as you suggested. thank you so much for the help!!!

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Generally speaking, every time you draw some new object, make it a component (or usually less usefully, a group) and don’t leave any “loose geometry” ( edges and faces) in your model.

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@DaveR Ok, so I did what you suggested and I rebuilt all of the walls separately and made each of the parts a component. Here is the file:
Bathroom remodel remake.skp (697.2 KB)

The one on the left is where I exploded everything and intersected the faces within and then erased all of the appropriate lines:

^I really like how this one looks because there are no extra lines and it’s super smooth.

This is the one where I made everything a proper component, then resized the various parts as needed to prevent crossing:

^I really don’t like how this looks. While yes, I can now assign a tag to each part of this and effectively show/hide them, the look is ruined by all of these different lines and stuff…

You can hide edges to make it look like one mass of geometry. Shift with the Eraser tool will hide edges. Here I’ve done that to some of the edges in your model.