Problem with Tags

I just had a client in to show him options on a complex wall unit. I have 16 scenes and 22 tags, with the best options set in the scenes. Of course, he throws me a curve— what if the cornice blank, just a plain panel up to the ceiling. I toggle the cornice off to show him, then toggle it back.

Whups! It doesn’t come back. Instead, the ceiling disappears, and when I click again, there’s a file cabinet obscuring the view. Third time is a charm, so I click and the entrance wall blocks everything, covering the screen in gray.

I fumble for a minute or three before I realize the list of tags is reordering itself, grouping tags into those visible and those not. Unfortunately, knowing this is not enough, I make the same mistake several more times before we are done.

I am used to V.8, where the list is the list, and all you have to do to see if a layer is active is to look at the eye on the left. I really don’t need them grouped, I really want them under my cursor without jumping around so I can toggle different effects on and off.

Is there a way to stop this annoying behavior? Seriously, it added ten minutes to my presentation and made me look (even more) like a bumbling fool.

How about sharing the SketchUp file with us so we can see how you’ve set things up? I expect it’s due to some incorrect tag usage. Can surely be straightened out but need to see the file.

Any chance you have the tag list being sorted by visible or invisible? See if there’s a carrot up or down over the eye column.

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Beautiful! Thank you.