Tags not working in 2023

Please consider this a Critical fix. Tag assignments in the 2023 release are not working. It is a big problem for my workflow.

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What do you mean it’s not working? Be specific. I haven’t had any problem assigning tags to objects or using them to control object visibility.

BTW, please update your forum profile. It indicates you are using SketchUp 2021.

Are you trying to assign tags using the tag toolbar?

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I would like to comment on a tag feature from sketchup 2022 which does not seem to work in 2023. When I pull down the tags selection dialogue box in the entity window within the outliner I am unable to search for my tag name by typing. This has been a hassle to scroll through the small pull down option box in order to find the tag I wish to apply. This has alway been my preferred approach to assigning tags to my components or groups. It is a disappointing setback with this update. Hopefully can get corrected.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, I’m new to Sketchup Pro and trying to use tags as explained by tutorials…but so far as I can tell the entire feature appears broken in 2023/windows?

Updated to 2023, same issue.

From what we can see in your screenshot you only have some tag folders but no tags. You can’t give a tag folder to a group or component. Expand the Concrete and Bolts folders so we can see what’s inside them.

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Well that fixed it. Thanks!

Is anyone getting the shifting tag dialog box? Pretty annoying…

Just messed around with my setup and I got your issue – but only because I made the tray width to it’s minimum.

With the tray width at my usual width I’ve never had this.

Perhaps this is happening because of Tag text length…?

Your tag Name column’s right margin is beyond the width of the whole tag inspector.
Drag the horizontal scroll to the right then grab the column edge and drag it back toward the left.

Regardless, I agree that the visibility column should be fixed and not jump left out of view when using the Name controls.

Ahhh sorted. Thanks both, much appreciated.

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So I open my model in 2023 and no tags show up.

Outliner is also blank.

Go back to 2022 and everything is normal.


Are they in floating windows on a separate display than SketchUp?
If so, this is a known issue described in several other topics in the Technical Problems > SketchUp subcategory.

The SketchUp team have said that the next maintenance release will have the fix for the inspector panels not updating.

Yes, floating windows in another monitor.

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