Insert objects into a Tag

Here is a suggestion to improve Sketchup interface.
In the process of Sketchup,
We have to assign many object with each tags.
but Entity info window is suck.


Here is my suggesion.
To assign tag on a object,
I want to add a drop down menu like this.

“Move object into the Tag”.

Tag Tool


Nice… I did not know it. haha

but …

I want to reduce more click to assign tag with objects.
This tool requests many click instead of drop down menu (suck).
I want to assign more quickly.

With the tag tool you need to make literally three clicks, the first one to select the tool the second one to select the tag and the last one on the object you want to assign the tag.

In previous versions of sketchup you could create a new tag and assign it to a group or component on the entity info tray, I wish that feature comes back in future releases.

yes, but Mouse scrolling distance is long, Move to right & click, go back to left and select… … too long… I can not go many time.

: )

But with your suggestion you need to do the same, select the objects wherever they’re on your model and moving the mouse back to the tag tray, and there’s a way to assign tags similar to the way you’re suggesting, select the objects, go to the entity info tray and on the tag info menu select the tag.

The method proposed by you requires three clicks, and the one I showed you also requires three clicks, with the advantage that it already exists.
And if you assign a shortcut to ‘Tag Tool’, you will only have two clicks to give.


That’s what I said, then he said that he doesn’t want to scroll with the mouse long distances, but with his proposed method will be the same. He’s sure that his idea is better than the actual tools or ways to assign tags.

Thank you , francisquitof, mihai.s !!
With your helping, now, I can be easy to assign tags than ever.

Here is current “Tag tool”.

If Sketchup team support this path too, I can be more happy. ( Now is also happy : )

thank you !

Do you know about the Tag toolbar.

Hi, Box

Thank you !

Yes, I know the toolbar : )

I am drawing many wood cabinet , kitchen with sketchup.
There is lot of parts , wood board, screw, etc.
so, The tags number would be 100-200 at easy.

If there is lot of tags,
Simple drop down menu ( without folder structure) are exteremly long.
and it is not easy to find a tag…

So what I think you really want would be a single click on the tag should assign whatever is selected to that Tag, a click on the folder arrow should open it so you can click on a tab to assign.

For my workflow, which also includes cabinetry and the parts of that cabinetry, I would select a part and assign a tag and name the part. The cabinets and the parts making up a particular cabinet are organized in a hierarchy in Outliner.

Having many parts identified only by a tag seems unorganized. The outliner would just be a jumble of unnamed groups.

Can you put up a sample Sketchup file?

Other reason that My tags is increasing,
it is…

If I have 100 scenes,
Each scene has 1 tag (at least ) that it is only visible in the scene.
This structure increase tags…( depend on scene numbers ).
if I have 200 scene, tag is 200+.

I agree with @rkleins there should be a balance between tags and scenes, also is important to use outliner (Which has a good filter)
@bidasknakayama are really neccesary that number of scenes? I use predefined view with shortcuts instead of saving a especific scene…

If I use Layout , it may reduce scene ( tags ).
but Instead of Layout,
To send CAD to manufacture quickly,
I used many scene… haha

Of course, I know the benefit of Layout… but It’s slow and I have to use 2 software (Sketchup,LayOut).
To save time, Instead of Layout, I used many scenes(Tags )

please do not say "Use layout… "
I know… but THis is easy for me.
Layout , Dimenstion tool is not good.

Here is example (Door).

Here is example (Cabinet).

I fail to understand why there should be any relationship between the number of scenes and the number of tags.

Do you use outliner?

Outliner is a an efficient feature/tool to use for organizing SU models (at least in my workflow). With Outliner I can group areas of my project. I’d guess you are trying to accomplish this function with tags?

When formatting a scene (a scene is related to a specific area of the model) it is easy to hide sections using the Outliner Eyeball.

I can imagine the difficulty you are creating with that number of tags and thus wish for a different tool for tag assignment. The Tag/Outliner combination would simply what you are trying to achieve.

And, I know you don’t want to hear it, the combination of SU and LO is the answer to efficiency. Layout will be much friendlier if your SU model is organized.

Thank you , Rkleins.

I will learn Outliner : )
I only use Outliner when I have to find a object in grouped very deeply.

but, You may use it with different way.
I will learn it.


Rkleins, Could you teach me your workflow with Outliner ?
I want to learn your way …

— and other story…
If we group ( some object + dimenstions ),
Sometime , When I open sketchup file, The dimension link is released.
it maybe bug of old version of sketchup. I do not know 2023 yet.
so, I worry to make a group with object + dimenstions.
Do you have similar experience ?