Assigning tags to objects

Is it Just me ? In the entity info tray, I can’t get the tag assignment to stop rolling exactly where it needs to. If it stops rolling for a fraction of a second it assigns the selected objects to whatever tag the wheel stops on before I can get it rolling again. It’s like playing roulette.

I haven’t seen that. Have you tried restarting your iPad?

I just did. I figured out how to work with it but I still think it’s way to quick. I have to roll it back and forth so it never stops moving till I get it lined up.

I’m going to say there’s something strange going on there. I have zero issue with the rolling selection, especially with pencil. Yeah, I can flick it, but it also takes minute input just fine.

Try that with a tag list with 50 tags.

Not behaving any differently. I’d be interested in seeing yours in action, because if it’s hard to use then I think you have a glitch or something. If I flick it then it runs quickly to the other side, but if I’m deliberate, it might be a little sticky, but I think that helps land on whatever option I want.

Edit: I don’t really use this though. Only if I’ve misstagged something. I use the little add button in the tag menu. So I don’t think about the rollbar too often.

Edit edit: you can also assign tags to objects by swiping left on the tag name in the menu while the object is selected.