Tag function not working

Hello All,
Anyone having an issue returning to a project only to find that thier tags or most of them do not work. When clicking on a tag nothing happens resulting in me having to go through my tags and reassign them to the appropriate geometry.
Very time consuming as you can imagine.
I am working on IPad Air Gen 4 and using Sketchup Go.

It would help if you could run through your tagging procedure, because while I also have this issue (a lot), mine is user error.

When I create a tag, I usually have groups selected that I intend to put into that tag option, so I go through the first four steps in the image below:
~ Select the group/components
~ create a tag using the menu
~ name tag
~ hit ok

And then, in my mind, I’m done. I go about my business.
But without actually doing the next two steps, and assigning the groups to that tag, the tag is merely an empty indicator of good intentions.

More often than not I have to go back and assign all my groups later when I go to use a tag and realize that I had left it empty.

On a side note: I do believe my case to be user error and would not like selected groups to automatically assign to newly created tags. I feel like that would create as many problems in a new direction.

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Thank you, Always appreciate everyones feed back. I do follow the steps you have listed along with selecting geometry and highlighting the Tag I made and then open the tag and select “Apply”.
This method always works fine. The issue is when I save, log out and then log back in; the geometry is no longer assigned to a Tag.??
Thanks again for your feed back
Be Well