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Sorry that the Forum site is defeating me - how does one send a query?

I have ended up with ghosts in the model. In the attached (most of) the vertical reinforcing bars have become impossible to grip and re-allocate tags. These are extruded cylinders and have gone through group and explode cycles. I do need to tag them so I can switch them off. Any thoughts?

Seems like you’ve managed to post your query although there’s nothing to see. Drag and drop screenshots into your post and also share the SketchUp file with us.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using where you are seeing this? Your profile says SketchUp PRo 2023 but also iOS for the operating system. Are you using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp for iPad?

10_23.03.29_FWConstruction.skp (1004.2 KB)

Thanks for your swift reply.

Using 2023 on an iPad. File attached.

And on the iPad screen the comma operators end up covered by dialogue boxes which don’t move off easily. Sending in this case was actually accidental. Hopefully no such trials with this one.

Best : Keith

Actually you’re using SketchUp for iPad? SketchUp Pro runs on Mac OS and Windows, not iOS.

What are you referring to as “ghosts”? When I open your model in SketchUp Pro I see a whole lot of loose geometry but nothing that looks ghost-like to me…

I also notice you are assigning tags to edges and faces. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should get tags. Because of the way you have tagged some geometry but other geometry is left untagged, some stuff disappears when you turn off a tag while other stuf doesn’t. Perhaps this is what you are seeing?
Screenshot - 3_29_2023 , 1_16_25 PM

Thanks. I see the argument. The current situation is that can no longer grip the mis-handled entities - most of the rebar is not responding to the select in either encirclement or crossing mode. If I was able to resurrect these rebar entities and copy tu to a new drawing, then I could resolve them back out of any tag and then group and tag them. Any possible way to do that?

Since all of the geometry in your model is now connect due to not grouping, it’ll be a pain in the neck or somewhere else to repair this. Personally I think starting over would be the simplest and fastest way to deal with it. I would create a single rebar component (not group), give it the appropriate tag, and then use Move/Copy to make the linear arrays needed.

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Agreed and Thanks, David :

I have learned :

  1. Don’t tag non-grouped or componented elements - lines / surfaces : only groups or components.

  2. Tag components immediately after making them. And similarly with groups.

Appreciate the help and the speedy response.


Very good. Also make sure you are making groups and components as you go to prevent geometry merging that needs to be separate.

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