Newbie Help


New here and just an amateur. Just wondered if anyone could advise what’s happened in the image,

I’m just unsure where and how to remove the diagonal lines. Do they indicate an issue with my drawing as they only appear when I triple tap my component

Thanks in advance.


It would help if you attached a copy of your file. It does not look like you have grouped your walls and there are errant lines which are connected to geometry that has not be grouped properly.

Triple clicking selects all connected raw (ungrouped) geometry included hidden faces and edges.

Thank You both, looked into the groups and did some research on the back of your suggestions

Think I’ve sorted it but will no doubt come across other issues on my learning journey. :roll_eyes::joy:

I appreciate your time.

Those diagonals suggest two thing to me.
That you are using tags incorrectly, on raw geometry, and you are seeing things from a hidden tag.
And that your model is slightly twisted in some way, those edges appear when things are not flat.
Attaching your model would let us see what you have and give you more specific advice.

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Hey Box

Thanks for the reply, that was exactly what had happened. My walls were not flat (not sure how as I use the guides and snapping).

With regards to the raw geometry and tags. Is it best practice to create a group once the part is complete and then tag it?


Never tag raw geometry, only groups/components and objects like dimensions. Never change the active tag, always draw with the untagged tag active. If you see the message, your current action will affect hidden geometry, or words to that effect, you have done something wrong.

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