Deleting objects works sometimes and "ghost" segments being created


A few days, I started seeing some weird problems that have made it impossible to continue editing the model I’m working on. The model is a small house (can upload as needed), 3.5 MB in size, so nothing crazy.

The issues:

  1. deleting an object (especially edges) doesn’t work - randomly, it will stick around, until I try to move it, then it suddenly disappears
  2. drawing an edge to close a face adds extra line segments, random triangles pop up, and I have to go and fix that manually (which is time consuming and unreliable because of 1.

I have several revisions of my model and I tried going back to an earlier version, and I’m seeing the same bugs, so I’m thinking this isn’t a bug in my model per se, but something that popped up in the app recently (of course I can’t be sure).

I can upload a video as needed.

Config: MacBook Pro M1 (MacOS Monterey), Chrome 99.

Upload it so we can see.

Was doing just that :slight_smile:

Classic case of incorrect tag usage.
Tags do not separate geometry, only groups and components do that.
Never assign a tag to raw geometry, only to groups components dimensions etc.

Ahh, I did read something about that, but was struggling to figure out where the heck I could “see” the above representation. Ok, I think I know how to fix it then - let me give it a shot… Thank you! :slight_smile:

PS: this seems to be a classic issue for beginners like me, I wonder if the UI shouldn’t have a “show tag hierarchy” or something like that to avoid silly questions like mine.

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